April 24-30, 2010 :May 1-2, 2010

Turetsky Choir Art Group

April 24-30, 2010
May 1-2, 2010
Masonic Auditorium, San Francisco, California
Saban Theatre, Los Angeles, California
River Rock Show Theatre, Vancouver, BC, Canada
George Weston Recital Hall, Toronto Centre for the Arts, Toronto, Canada
The Hammerstein Ballroom, Manhattan Center, New York
Colonial Theatre, Boston, Massachusetts
Arie Crown Theater, Chicago, Illinois

“TURETSKY CHOIR” is one of the most popular Russian music groups, famous for unique voices, choreography and modern show techniques. “TURETSKY CHOIR” returns to US with their new program “Forever Music” that features exquisite collection of the most thrilling musical works of the centuries. You will hear brilliant interpretation of familiar melodies, works of all styles and genres in ten different languages, sung by ten incredible voices, from the rare tenor altino, a voice on the boundary between the male and female vocal range, to the lowest voice, the basso profundo. With their music, they have conquered countries and continents, hearts and souls.

Order by phone: (408) 260-1042 or (408) 373-5706

Venue: Masonic Auditorium

1111 California Street
San Francisco, CA 94108-2252
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