February 5, 2011

Tango Inferno

February 5, 2011
Palace Theatre, Stamford Center for the Arts, Stamford, Connecticut

From the company that brought the world Tango Fire comes Tango Inferno! Tango Inferno is the latest and hottest tango show from Tango Fire of Buenos Aires. It sets the stage ablaze with its ten brilliant dancers, supported by the critically acclaimed quartet of musicians known as Quatrotango. Tango Inferno will entice and enthrall its audience with the delights of Tango, a most alluring and intoxicating form of dance and the heart and soul of Buenos Aires.

Tango has always evoked sensuality, intrigue, lust and provocation. In the new show Tango Inferno, Tango Fire traces the dance from its origins in the red light district of Buenos Aires to the popular public dances of today known throughout Argentina as the Milonga, and through its more recent evolution into the world of contemporary ballroom.

Born in the brothels and taverns of Buenos Aires at the turn of the 20th century, Tango was the dance of the fugitive and pimp, immigrants and country people drawn to the Argentine capital by its economic promise. The passionate music and fiery, raw dance of the Tango have undergone a renaissance in recent years, a testament to their ability to capture the imagination of music and dance lovers around the world.
The show is co-presented by Russian American Cultural Heritage Center (RACH-C)


Thirty minutes before Tango Inferno performance, audiences will have the opportunity to join dancers on the Palace Theatre stage for a pre-performance milonga, an event originating in Argentina’s underworld of bars and brothels that traditionally takes place over several hours. Audience members are encouraged to bring dancing shoes (no stilettos) and begin the evening by participating in this on-stage milonga.


Venue: Palace Theatre, Stamford Center for the Arts

Palace Theatre
Stamford Center for the Arts
61 Atlantic Street
Stamford CT 06901
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