Three Tenors from Holy Land

"An extraordinary show. People shed tears of emotion and exaltation.  The atmosphere was electrifying." / Jerusalem Post, Israel
After a sensational tour in Israel and Europe, the acclaimed “Three Israeli Tenors” made a grandiose debut with a ten-show US and Canada tour in December of 2006. Performing together since 2005, the THREE TENORS FROM ISRAEL have given over one hundred sold-out performances in Israel and Europe, with a very enjoyable program, inclusive of all audiences, full of humor and nostalgia. Three of the world’s finest male voices unite in an unforgettable evening of opera; show tunes, Russian, Jewish and other international favorites.
International opera star Yevgeni Shapovalov – called “the Israeli Pavarotti” by the media in Israel – formed The THREE TENORS FROM ISRAEL in 2005 with his acclaimed operatic colleagues Felix Livshitz and Vladislav Goray. All originally from the former Soviet Union, Shapovalov and Livshitz now make their homes in Israel, while Goray remains a Ukrainian citizen. Since their 2005 debut, they have given over 100 sold-out concerts in Israel and Europe, delighting audiences with their breathtaking performances, tinged with humor and nostalgia. Even during the recent hostilities, concerts were sold out in Israel!

Venue: The Millennium Theatre

The Russian theater tradition has always been considered one of the great theater traditions in the world.
The Millennium Theater is a great oasis of Russian culture in New York. Some of the great Russian theater troupes bring their plays here. You can also catch some of the old pop stars and some of the new music acts of Russia, and great Russian comedy.
1029 Brighton Beach Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11235-5603
Phone: (718) 615-9797

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